Physics Exams During Pandemia

The connection, user name and password required to log into Final exam system will be sent to ITU e-mail addresses. Students who have not received such an e-mail, even though the information for the exam to be entered has been sent, can get in touch via ITU Help (Please use the help ticket for technical issues.)

During pandemic period, FIZ courses' final exams and supplementary exams will take place between on the day in the exam schedule announced by the Registrar's Office (14 September 2020 Monday FIZ101/FIZ101E between 10:00-11:00, 16 September 2020 Wednesday FIZ102/FIZ102E between 09:00-10:00) . The exams will consist of 10 multiple choice questions covering all topics. The contribution of each question correctly answered to the score is equal whereas questions answered incorrectly or left blank have no effect on the score. In the exams, blank pages may be used for calculations; other sources will be closed.

Pursuant to ITU Code of Practice for Online and Offline Exams and the decision made by the Rectorate; these exams can only be taken from a computer with a working camera and microphone through the Google Chrome browser. (It will not be possible to log in from a tablet or phone.) In accordance with the relevant letter of the Council of Higher Education; students who do not have access to digital media will initially be able to access the computer and internet facilities of the university units in their location as well as the Ministry of National Education and other public institutions if necessary.

Information about the software to be used in the exam can be found here. It is highly recommended to run a system check via this link before taking the exam.

For example: For an exam scheduled for 10.00, students can enter the exam system at 09:50 at the earliest and at 10:10 at the latest on the exam day. Necessary permissions must be given and system checks must be completed within 5 minutes of login. The exam duration is 60 minutes and will start with the first question.
(As of 10:10.01, login to the system will not be possible; on the other hand, the student who has logged into the system at 10:09.59 must have started the exam at 18:14.59 at the latest, otherwise they will not be able to take the exam.)

The interface of the exam software is English. The questions will be in the language of the relevant course. During the exam, it is possible to return to skipped questions.

Online calculator will be used in the exam. Use of physical calculator, mobile phone, etc. is prohibited. The calculator can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of the page after starting the exam. It is recommended to try the calculator before the exam here.

Performing the following actions during the exam will cause the exam to end automatically:

  • Intentionally closing or refreshing the session page

  • Intentionally stopping camera, microphone or screen sharing

The students, whose exams are terminated in this way, will be determined by the system and will not be admitted to the make-up exam.

If a student is disconnected due to technical reasons such as power or internet outage and if they can re-enter the system within 5 minutes at the latest, they can continue the exam from where they left off. In case of longer interruptions, the exam cannot be continued, and in such a case, the student may apply for make-up exam.

The data recorded during the exam will be analyzed by data processing methods and, if necessary, by the authorized commission. If behaviors that do not comply with student stance such as cheating, deception or fraud are detected, the exams of the relevant students will be deemed invalid and they may be processed according to the Student Disciplinary Regulations of Higher Education Institutions.
Some of the actions that can cause the cancellation of the exam are listed below:

  • Student leaving the camera angle or blocking the view
  • Getting help from external sources (people, electronic devices, books, etc.)
  • Sharing questions or answers
  • Having headphones on
  • Blocking microphone's voice recording

The connection, user name and password required to log in to the system will be sent to ITU e-mail addresses one day prior to the exam.

We wish you success in the exams.