Dear FIZ101E/FIZ102E Students,

The final exam for our course will be held on 15 August 2022 starting 3pm (FIZ101E) and 17 August 2022 Wednesday starting at 9am (FIZ102E). Please check your room by following the link at

The room lists have been created using the class roaster including all students taking the course. Those of you who got a VF grade do not have visa to enter the final exam. However, there is an  exception for those who will take a make-up exam for the midterm. That is the reason that everyone has been assigned a place to accommodate for the make-up and objection results.

For those of you who will take a make-up exam, please be ready as indicated in the announcement below. (As you have not taken the midterm exam your grade has been entered as VF as of now.)

Good luck on your exams,