Dear students,

The homework will be assigned in FIZ101(E)-FIZ102(E) courses via Ayva platform according to dates listed in table below. Please consider the important notes about the homeworks.

Homework dates:
                                Start                        | Deadline  
                                Date        Time        | Date            Time        Duration
FIZ102(E)    20 May 2023    10:00*         | 20 May 2023    13:00*        1 hours
FIZ101(E)    20 May 2023    14:00*        | 20 May 2023    17:00*        1 hours    

Notes about the Homework:

    *You can attend to the homework assignment whenever you want between the specified hours, however you will have one hour to submit the homework after you start. You need to use your one hour time before the deadline. (e.g., You will have 55 minutes if you start to the FIZ102 homework at 12:05.)
    The homework will have open ended questions. During the homework, it will not be possible to return to the skipped questions.
    When entering your answers, please follow the instructions provided in the questions. Otherwise, your homework will not be graded. 
    You are supposed to complete and submit your homework on Ayva during the specified date. Submissions through other platforms (emails etc.) will not be graded. 
    Requests for deadline extension or make-up will not be considered.
    The letter grade weight of the homework is 50%.